7 Mesmerizing Species of Hummingbirds in Georgia You Need to See!

Hummingbirds in Georgia

Hummingbirds in Georgia: A Guide to Native Species Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating birds found in the state of Georgia. Their diminutive size, dazzling colors, and incredible speed make them a joy to observe. This article will explore the different species of hummingbirds in Georgia, their behavior and habitat, tips for attracting them … Read more

Why Are Hummingbirds So Loud?

Hummingbirds are known for their small size, beautiful iridescent feathers, and of course their loud, buzzing hum. But why exactly are hummingbirds so noisy? There are a few key reasons these tiny birds make so much sound relative to their size. Anatomy of Hummingbird Sounds The primary source of hummingbird vocalizations is their wings. As … Read more

Who Makes the Hummingbird Nest?

Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating birds on the planet. Known for their speedy flight and ability to hover in midair, hummingbirds have captured the fascination of people for centuries. An integral part of the hummingbird’s life is its intricately built nest. But who actually makes the hummingbird nest? Let’s take a closer look … Read more

What is the Best Time of Day for Hummingbirds to Feed?

Hummingbirds have uniquely high metabolisms and energy demands. With strategic timing of their feeding, they can maximize their energetic efficiency. Understanding when hummingbirds prefer to visit flowers and feeders allows us to cater to their natural behaviors. Early Morning Feeding Hummingbirds are most active and voracious in their feeding first thing in the morning. Here’s … Read more

What is the best temperature for hummingbirds ?

With their high activity levels and speedy metabolisms, hummingbirds require certain optimal temperature ranges to thrive. Being cold-blooded, they rely on external temperatures to regulate their internal body heat. Understanding their ideal temperature needs can help us support hummingbirds by providing proper habitat. Preferred Temperature Range Hummingbirds do best at relatively warm temperatures between: Anything … Read more

What is the Best Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar?

The right homemade nectar recipe can draw in more colorful hummingbirds to your yard than ever before. Making their fuel is easy – all it takes are just two ingredients in the proper proportions. Read on to learn the ideal recipe that will have hummers buzzing happily all season long. Basic 2:1 Sugar to Water … Read more

What if Hummingbird Eggs Don’t Hatch?

Seeing a hummingbird nest with eggs is exciting. But things don’t always go smoothly, and sometimes those tiny eggs fail to hatch. If you notice unhatched eggs, don’t interfere but know there are reasons it occurs and steps the parents may take. Typical Hummingbird Egg Duration To understand hatch failures, first know normal hummingbird egg … Read more

What Happens When You Stop Feeding Hummingbirds?

For many people, putting out feeders and enjoying hummingbirds is a beloved summer tradition. But what happens when those feeders suddenly go empty? Will hummingbirds starve or abandon your yard? Understanding the impacts of stopping supplemental feeding helps ensure we support hummingbirds responsibly. Short-Term Impacts If feeders are not refilled for a period of days … Read more