How to Tell if a Bird is Dead – Checking for Signs of Life or Passing

Finding an unmoving bird collapsed in the backyard inevitably elicits worry – did it die striking a window? Is the creature sick or stunned needing assistance? Or might attention provoke panic fleeing perfectly fine? Gauging subtle signs differentiating lifelessness from injury or shock prevents mistaken tragedy. Let’s outline step-by-step best practices quietly evaluating motionless bird … Read more

Identifying Small Birds With Long Beaks

When bird watching, a standout feature you may notice is a particularly elongated or slender beak on a tiny bird body. Several common backyard and feeder bird species have disproportionately long beaks relative to their petite frames that help them easily gather nectar, snag insects, hammer bark, and more. If trying to identify a minuscule … Read more

Do Birds Kiss? Exploring Bonding Behaviors and Displays of Affection

Love takes flight on feathered wings! Sweet signs of avian affection look remarkably similar to kissing across parrots, doves, and songbirds. But do birds truly kiss in the human sense? Exploring social grooming, feeding rituals, and life partnerships in the sky reveals tenderness spanning species against instincts driving survival’s most essential bonds. Do Bird Parents … Read more

Birds With Long Beaks: Unique Adaptations for Specialized Feeding

Birds sport amazingly diverse beak shapes and sizes suited to their individual lifestyles. While most backyard birds have short, conical bills for cracking seeds or catching insects, some species develop extraordinarily elongated beaks reaching surprising proportions. These specialized tools equip them to access food resources other birds can’t obtain. In this article, we’ll showcase some … Read more

Do Birds Kiss? Exploring Displays of Affection in Feathered Species

A light peck on the cheek. Sweet beak-to-beak nuzzling. Sure looks like kissing when doves get cozy! But can we really call these behaviors a kiss or do they reveal deeper insights on bonding and bird relationship types? We’ll explore how warmth and companionship manifest physically across key avian social groups from doting mates to … Read more

How long does a blue jay live ?

how long does a blue jay live

With their brilliant blue, white, and black feathers and raucous calls, blue jays are a standout backyard bird throughout much of North America. But beyond their striking appearance, blue jays are also known for their intelligence, complex social behaviors, and ability to thrive around human habitats. However, one aspect many amateur birders and blue jay … Read more

12 Breathtaking Purple Birds Worth Spotting

purple birds

With their stunning plumage in rich shades of violet, lavender, lilac, and amethyst, purple birds colored birds are some of the most visually striking avians in nature. Unlike more common red, yellow, or bluebird species, the rarity of birds with purple feathers makes sightings all the more special. Read on to learn more about the … Read more

Top 6 Reasons : What Smells Can Kill Birds?

Birds have extremely sensitive respiratory systems that are easily damaged by inhaling fumes, particles, or toxins. What Smells Can Kill Birds ? Many common household smells and odors that seem harmless to humans can sicken or even kill pet birds and wild birds. As a bird owner or enthusiast visiting, it’s crucial to understand … Read more

How Much Is A Larry Bird Card Worth? A Valuation Guide

Larry Joe Bird is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Playing as a small forward for the Boston Celtics from 1979 to 1992, Bird earned three NBA MVP awards and helped lead the Celtics to three NBA championships. Due to his legendary status in the NBA, Larry Bird rookie cards … Read more