Can birds eat peanut butter

Is Peanut Butter Safe for Birds to Eat?

Peanut butter has become a popular food to offer birds at backyard feeders. But is peanut butter actually safe and healthy for our feathered friends? The answer is yes, when offered correctly, peanut butter can be a beneficial treat for birds in moderation.

Key Considerations

There are a few key factors to consider when offering peanut butter to birds:

  • Type of peanut butter – Only use all-natural peanut butter with no added salts, sugars or preservatives. Look for ingredients listing just peanuts or peanuts and oil.
  • Serving style – Offer peanut butter on a feeder, in a suet cage or smeared thinly on tree bark. Avoid offering in chunks or dollops which can stick in birds’ throats.
  • Moderation – Peanut butter is a treat and should only make up around 10% of birds’ overall diets. Provide other foods like seeds and insects as well.
  • Cleaning – Frequently clean peanut butter feeders to prevent mold or bacteria growth.

If these precautions are followed, birds can safely enjoy peanut butter in their habitats. Monitor feeding birds to ensure the peanut butter is not causing any choking issues.

Why Do Birds Like to Eat Peanut Butter?

Birds are naturally attracted to peanut butter for several reasons:

Nutritional Value

  • High in fat – Provides birds extra energy, especially in winter.
  • Protein source – Peanuts contain amino acids birds need for growth.
  • Packed with nutrients – Vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and more.
  • Does not spoil quickly – Stays fresh longer than other natural bird foods.

Taste and Texture

  • Fats taste good – Birds evolved to seek out fatty foods as energy-dense.
  • Smooth and sticky – Easy for birds to eat from feeders and sticks to bark.
  • Familiar flavor – Peanuts are a common natural food, so birds recognize the flavor.
  • Strong aroma – Smell of peanut oil attracts birds from afar.

Offering an occasional peanut butter treat combines nutrition and appetizing qualities that appeal to birds. It provides variation from their typical diet.

What Kinds of Birds Like to Eat Peanut Butter?

Many common backyard birds will eat peanut butter when offered correctly:


  • Downy
  • Hairy
  • Red-bellied
  • Northern flicker

Woodpeckers love peanut butter. They will cling to feeders and suet cages to feed.


  • Black-capped
  • Carolina
  • Mountain

These small acrobatic birds will hang upside down to eat peanut butter.


  • White-breasted
  • Red-breasted

Nuthatches appreciate a high-fat peanut treat.


  • Tufted
  • Black-crested
  • Oak

Quick-moving titmice will stop to enjoy a bite of peanut butter.


  • Blue
  • Steller’s
  • Gray

Smart jays know a good snack when they see it.


  • Carolina
  • House
  • Winter

Wrens mainly eat insects but will sample peanut butter for the fat and calories.

Offering peanut butter is a good way to attract an array of bird species to a yard. Just be sure feeders are cleaned regularly as birds come into close contact when feeding.

How to Offer Peanut Butter to Birds Safely

When offering peanut butter to birds, preparation is key for both their safety and your convenience:


  • Specialty peanut butter feeders – Designed with vertical slits birds can poke their beaks into.
  • Small dish feeders – Fill a dish with a thin layer of peanut butter for easy access.
  • Suet cages – Mix peanut butter with cornmeal, oats and seeds to fill suet cages.

Spread on Trees

  • Use a butter knife or small brush to spread a thin layer on tree bark. Start low on the trunk and go up higher once birds find it.
  • Focus on areas with ridges, cracks or holes birds can stick their beaks into.
  • Only spread 1-2 inches wide and less than 1/4 inch thick.

Other Tips

  • Avoid offering big chunks or dollops that can stick in throats and choke birds.
  • Don’t put peanut butter on balcony railings or other unsafe areas birds could slip on.
  • Offer peanuts or chop peanuts into peanut butter for added texture.

With the proper feeders and techniques, peanut butter can be shared safely for birds to enjoy. Monitor their feeding and make adjustments as needed.

Risks and Precautions When Feeding Birds Peanut Butter

While peanut butter can be an excellent bird food supplement, there are some risks and precautions to be aware of:


  • Choking hazard – Large chunks could block airways and choke birds.
  • Billing clogging – Peanut butter can stick to bills making it hard for birds to feed normally.
  • Bacteria and mold – Peanut butter can grow dangerous pathogens without proper sanitation.
  • Pest attraction – Strong scent and presence of peanut butter can attract rodents, bears or other pests.
  • Nutritional imbalance – Too much peanut butter and not enough natural foods can lead to deficiencies.


  • Offer peanut butter thinly spread out and not in chunks.
  • Use specialty feeders or smear on trees at appropriate thicknesses.
  • Clean feeders daily with soap and 10% bleach solution.
  • Monitor bird health and behavior for signs of choking or illness.
  • Provide a variety of other foods along with peanut butter.

With smart preparations and monitoring, the risks of feeding peanut butter can be minimized for safe bird enjoyment. But it should always be treated as an occasional supplemental treat, not a dietary staple.

Frequently Asked Questions about Feeding Birds Peanut Butter

Here are answers to some common questions about offering peanut butter to birds:

Can birds have crunchy peanut butter?

No, only smooth peanut butter should be offered to birds. The chopped peanuts could be a choking hazard or damage soft bird tissues.

Is it safe for hummingbirds to eat peanut butter?

No, hummingbirds should avoid peanut butter. The thick texture could stick to their long slender bills and prevent them from feeding normally on nectar.

How often can I offer birds peanut butter?

About 1-2 times per week is ideal. Peanut butter is very energy dense and too much could lead to obesity and other health issues in birds over time.

Should the peanut butter be salted or unsalted?

Always use unsalted peanut butter with no added seasonings, sugars or preservatives. The plain peanut taste is what attracts birds.

Is it okay to offer chunky peanut butter?

Never offer chunky style peanut butter. The peanuts chunks could get stuck and cause choking. Only smooth peanut butter spread thinly should be provided.

What peanut butter brands do birds like best?

Top brands are Skippy and Jif smooth peanut butters. Natural brands like Smuckers and Trader Joe’s are also good. Just verify the ingredient list is peanuts and maybe oil only.


Offering peanut butter to birds can be a great way to attract them for up-close viewing and provide supplemental fat and protein. Just be sure to spread it thinly on feeders or trees to prevent choking. Clean feeders daily and monitor bird behavior when feeding. Used responsibly alongside other foods, peanut butter makes a nutritious and appetizing occasional treat backyard birds will flock to. With proper precautions, birds and bird lovers alike can enjoy this backyard bird feeding classic for years to come.

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