My name is Hudaibia. I’m an 18-year-old student of 11 staandard with a profound passion for our feathered friends. Birds have captivated my heart and mind since childhood. Now I share my avian devotion through my website, mybirdfeed.com.

How My Lifelong Passion for Birds Began

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a deep fascination with birds. Some of my earliest memories involve watching sparrows hop along the ground, robins tugging worms from the lawn, and vultures soaring overhead. Even as a small child, I felt an instinctive connection to these winged creatures. This early affection ultimately led me to create my website, mybirdfeed.com, dedicated to sharing my passion for birds with others.

As I grew older, my casual interest evolved into a full-fledged passion. I became intent on learning everything I could about birds. I spent hours studying field guides, memorizing bird calls, and observing backyard birds with binoculars. With each new discovery, my devotion deepened.

Key Moments Fueling My Obsession

A few pivotal moments stand out in cultivating my enduring love of birds:

  • Family trip to see migrating Sandhill Cranes – I’ll never forget the waves of cranes filling the sky. Their trumpet calls gave me chills.
  • Receiving my first field guide – I read it cover to cover, mesmerized by the diversity of birds worldwide.
  • Joining my school’s birding club – Weekly birdwatching trips ignited my competitive spirit to spot and identify new species.
  • Banding migratory birds – Handling tiny warblers and thrushes was an honor I’ll always cherish.

Why I’m So Passionate About Birds

So what instills this profound intensity of passion for birds in particular? For me, it’s a combination of qualities:

Their beauty – From flashy tropical birds to subtle songbird plumage, birds showcase stunning natural artistry.

Their flight – Watching birds defy gravity with such aerobatic skill is magical. The way they ride air currents and maneuver amazed me.

Their songs – The incredible variety and complexity of bird vocalizations is a constant source of wonder.

Their behavior – Courting dances, nest-building techniques, parenting strategies – bird behaviors offer endless fascination.

Conservation – Protecting threatened and endangered birds feels like an important mission.

Connection to nature – Birds represent a gateway into appreciating and safeguarding the natural world.

How My Passion Fuels mybirdfeed.com

As my hunger for bird knowledge grew over the years, I realized I wanted to find ways to share my avian devotion with others. That aspiration led me to create mybirdfeed.com.

Introducing the Site

Mybirdfeed.com is my blog and resource site for fellow bird enthusiasts. It features:

  • My personal birdwatching experiences and anecdotes
  • Bird identification guides and birding tips
  • Reviews of optics, bird feeders, and other gear
  • Advice on bird-friendly gardening and landscaping
  • Articles on bird behavior, biology, migration, and conservation
  • Spotlights on threatened bird species and how to support them
  • Interviews with experts like ornithologists and researchers

Why I Started This Site

I created mybirdfeed.com to share my passion for birds with like-minded people. My goals are to:

  • Inspire others to take up birdwatching with beginner guidance
  • Provide a community for experienced birders to geek out together
  • Equip people to attract more birds to their yards
  • Raise awareness about threats to bird populations worldwide
  • Give back to the birding community that has given me so much joy

The site allows me to create content about my favorite topic while hopefully spreading interest, knowledge, and enthusiasm about birds along the way.

My Favorite Bird Experiences So Far

Part of the joy of birdwatching comes from those special sightings and unique experiences along the way. Here are a few of my favorite bird encounters and stories that MyBirdFeed.com allows me to share:

Top Birding Moments

  • Seeing my first California Condor reintroduction – a dream come true!
  • Photographing a rare Yellow-billed Cuckoo in a hidden canyon
  • Banding a tiny Saw-whet Owl and getting to release it
  • Watching seabird migration on the Atlantic coast – a marvel of nature
  • Spotting a vagrant Scissor-tailed Flycatcher far from its normal range

Most Thrilling Bird Photos

  • A perfect close-up of a Roseate Spoonbill in flight
  • An inquisitive Snowy Owl locking eyes with me
  • A male Painted Bunting singling in golden evening light
  • A sleepy Burrowing Owl chick peeking out from its burrow
  • A majestic Harpy Eagle glimpsed during an Amazon trek

Advice for Budding Bird Lover

For any readers just discovering a budding interest in birds, let me offer some advice based on my years of avian devotion: I share much of this guidance in more detail throughout my site, mybirdfeed.com, to help new birders get started.

Start by Learning Basic Species

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to memorize every species right away. Start by learning the common visitors to your yard and region. Audubon mobile apps make this fun through bird ID and contests. I have a blog post on mybirdfeed.com with tips for beginners on learning the most common backyard birds first.

Invest in Good Binoculars

Having a pair that fits comfortably, with good magnification, makes birdwatching much more enjoyable. My first splurge was on Nikon Monarchs – worth every penny! I share my binocular recommendations and advice for beginners on my site mybirdfeed.com.

Find Local Birding Mentors

Joining a local bird walk gives you a chance to learn from experienced birders. Many are eager to share their skills and passion. On mybirdfeed.com I provide tips on finding local birding clubs and meetings in your area to connect with mentors.

Keep a Life List

Maintaining a list of every species you’ve seen keeps birding exciting. I use the ebriid app to track mine. Each new bird is a triumph!

Follow Bird Migration and Seasons

Pay attention to cycles of migration and breeding. What birds are arriving and departing each month? Seasonal changes keep birding constantly fresh.

Join Bird Conservation Initiatives

Consider volunteering for projects like nest box trails, habitat restoration, or citizen science surveys. Giving back is rewarding!