How to Tell if a Bird is Dead – Checking for Signs of Life or Passing

Finding an unmoving bird collapsed in the backyard inevitably elicits worry – did it die striking a window? Is the creature sick or stunned needing assistance? Or might attention provoke panic fleeing perfectly fine? Gauging subtle signs differentiating lifelessness from injury or shock prevents mistaken tragedy. Let’s outline step-by-step best practices quietly evaluating motionless bird … Read more

Do Crows Eat Rats? Exploring the Crow and Rat Predator-Prey Dynamic

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How Long Do Sparrows Live? Sparrow Lifespan and Survival Rates

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Identifying Small Birds With Long Beaks

When bird watching, a standout feature you may notice is a particularly elongated or slender beak on a tiny bird body. Several common backyard and feeder bird species have disproportionately long beaks relative to their petite frames that help them easily gather nectar, snag insects, hammer bark, and more. If trying to identify a minuscule … Read more

Black Birds With Orange Beaks: Toucans Dazzle with Vibrant Bills

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Black Birds With Orange: Striking Toucans, Tanagers and Orioles

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Black with Orange Birds: Gorgeous Toucans, Orioles, Tanagers & More

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Do Birds Kiss? Exploring Bonding Behaviors and Displays of Affection

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Black Bird With White Stripe Wing

A flash of white on an otherwise midnight black wing catches the eye with stunning contrast. Whether a familiar backyard visitor or exotic foreign guest, birds sporting this stylish plumage pattern use distinctive markings in surprisingly different ways. Let’s explore some black and white beauties from jaunty scrub jays to striking magpies and regal cuckoos … Read more

Black Birds With White Stripes on Wings

A crisp black bird sailing past flashes a striking bright splash across its wings. That bold white banding sticks out, drawing the eye against darker feathers. From common starlings invading cities to tropical cuckoos crossing continents, that iconic wing stripe holds clues about the unique species sporting complex patterns weaving contrast against nature’s canvases. Common … Read more